The SBRC houses four distinct types of facility:



Specialist Facilities

In addition we have access through the university to other specialist facilities including:

Deep Seq - Next Generation Sequencing Facility

The SBRC-Nottingham is a genomic sequencing research unit which relies heavily on large amount of sequencing data, the Deep Seq facility offers us access to state of the art high-throughput sequencing technology.

Their experienced team of dedicated experimental scientists and bioinformaticians will work with you fromt he conception of your sequencing experiement to the final analysis of your data. As well as running standard sequencing projects such as RNASeq and Resequencing we provide bespoke analyses and enjoy the challenges of developing new and emerging techniques and piplines.

For more information visit: https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/deepseq/



Carbon Neutral Laboratories

To blend chemistry with biology, the SBRC works synergistically and closely with the Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Chemistry. This Centre is housed within the GlaxoSmithKline Carbon Neutral Laboratory (CNL), which is designed to be carbon neutral over its lifetime and act as an exemplar for sustainable laboratory-based research facilities of the future.

It is developing new chemistries that are both energy and resource efficient; helping meet societal needs for high value products with as small an environmental cost as possible whilst training the next generation of sustainability aware scientists.


Building of the Carbon Neutral Laboratories (CNL)