SBRC Anaerobic Cabinets

Here at the SBRC, we employ the use of 11 four port anaerobic workstations and one hypoxychamber. These cabinets are truly the workhorses at the very core of the work carried out at the SBRC, providing the capacity and reliably controlled atmospheric conditions to enable SBRC scientists to perform research on the organisms of our sustainable future.

The SBRC has 12 double-anaerobic cabinets, one of the biggest such facilities outside of the UK health system. This enables 24 researchers to work simultaneously on their anaerobic bacteria of choice in tightly controlled environmental conditions.


Dr Andrew Dempster - SBRC Nottingham

Video by Don Whitley Scientific Ltd






Researchers at the SBRC using Anearobic Cabinets


Don Whitley Scientific Ltd

From the very first anaerobic chamber acquired by the group over 20 years ago, Don Whitley Scientific has provided the delivery and servicing of the workstations here at the SBRC. Always at the forefront of anaerobic and variable atmosphere technology, Don Whitley Scientific develops, manufactures and distributes equipment for anaerobic microbiology and cell culture worldwide.

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