Calendar dates of both internal and external seminar speakers:

Date Speaker and Affiliation Seminar Title
28 Jan 2020 Lee R Lynd
Dartmouth College, USA
Biological Deconstruction and Conversion of Cellulosic Biomass: Looking Beyond the Conventional Paradigm
11 Dec 2019 Professor Mark Szczelkun
University of Bristol, UK
How bacteria build molecular scissors to cut foreign DNA: CRISPR and restriction-modification
25 July 2019 Prof Mike Peck
Quadram Institute Bioscience, Norwich
Clostridium botulinum and foodbourne botulism
17 April 2019 Dr Bazli Ramzi
University Kebangsaan, Malaysia
Modulating Microbial Chassis for Omics-Driven Bioproduct Development
20 March 2019 Prof Dek Woolfson
Bristol University
The design and assembly of de novo proteins: from test tubes to cells
6 March 2019 Dr Francesca Paradisi
The University of Nottingham
Sustainable Catalysis: Enzyme-Mediated Synthesis of High Value Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals in Flow Reactors


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