Our focus is on solving academically-challenging problems in the field of gas-fermentation, but with the ambition of working towards scale-up and industrial application of the technologies we develop. To help us achieve this ambition, we need the support and guidance of experts from our own university and from the wider world.

  • Day-to-day management matters are channelled through our Operations Group chaired by the Centre Manager. 
  • Our Outreach and Responsible Research and Innovation Group (ORRIG) develops best-practice in public engagement and in RRI.
  • Both of these groups report to the Core Management Team which in turn reports to and is accountable to the Strategic Advisory Board (SAB). 

The Strategic Advisory Board (SAB)

The SAB draws on substantial expertise from international academia, UK industry as well as having important representation from the funding bodies whose support facilitates the exploration and exploitation of synthetic biology for the sustainable production of chemical feedstocks for societal needs. 

Members of the SAB