Working with Us

The SBRC Nottingham was established to accelerate the development of understanding of how microbial metabolism can be tailored to economically generate chemical feedstocks sustainably from waste gases.

From this fundamental science approach, the SBRC Nottingham has developed new synthetic biology tools, microbial chassis and resources which are being utilised internationally by industry as well as in academia.

We have very strong links with a wide range of industrial partners and academic collaborators. These past and current supporters span the breadth of research interests of the SBRC and include:

  • chemical companies
  • molecular biology companies
  • biofuel companies
  • fermentation companies
  • medical companies
  • ingredients manufacturers

Embedding Companies

To facilitate effective Knowledge Transfer we have successfully embedded start-up companies relevant to core SBRC activities within the research facilities. This has been done in an arms-length way and managed to smoothly accommodate both academic and company needs. Embedded companies include:

Our strong track record of working in partnership means that we understand the various needs of SME and Blue-chip industry as well as not-for-profit organisations and academia.

If you have a project or an R&D need, please contact: 

so that together we can explore opportunities to work with you.

For more information please view our Synthetic Biology for industry brochure.

Synthetic Biology for Industry