Integrating RRI 

The SBRC's Interdisciplinary Responsible Research and Innovation Group explores ways of integrating RRI concepts and practices throughout the SBRC’s activities. 

For example, in the SBRC associated project BIOMETCHEM (Sustainable Production of Added Value Chemicals from SynGas-derived Methanol Through Systems and Synthetic Biology Approaches), a work package was dedicated to RRI.

Three workshops were conducted during the lifespan of the project to facilitate creative reflection on values and ideas of ‘responsibility’ in BIOMETCHEM, and to explore and compare scientific and public perspectives and expectations about the project.

The workshops used a combination of factual presentations and LEGO® Serious Play®, a structured, facilitated methodology which uses a specialised set of LEGO bricks to stimulate creative reflection and surface tacit knowledge.

Read the BIOMETCHEM RRI Report here.






LEGO® Serious Play® models made by BIOMETCHEM team members to represent
ideas about responsibility in the bioeconomy