China UK Workshop 2018

Carbon Recyling: Converting Waste Derived GHG into Chemicals, Fuels and Animal Feed

Blazing summer in Beijing proved the perfect melting pot for the best in the West and Eastern experts to mull over  “Carbon recycling: converting waste derived GHG into chemicals, fuels and animal feed”. The workshop, held at the Institute of Microbiology Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMCAS), Beijing, was organised by SBRC-Nottingham and IMCAS and was jointly funded by C1net, ADnet and SBRC-Nottingham thanks to BBSRC grants.


The workshop enabled 21 delegates from industry and academia in the UK, France, USA and New Zealand to meet with their counterparts from all over China; 48 delegates overall to cover all aspects of C1 utilisation.

Industrial presentations from LanzaTech, Johnson Matthey and CPI were interspersed with cutting-edge science from academic experts.

Postdocs and PhD students from Nottingham gained valuable presenting experience with their excellent talks.

Academic Experts

  • Nigel Minton (Nottingham)
  • Richard Dinsdale (S. Wales)
  • Claudio Avignone-Rossa (Surrey)
  • Ying Zhang (Nottingham)
  • Philippe Soucaille (INSA-France)
  • Kati Kovacs (Nottingham)
  • Yue Zhang (Southampton)
  • James Chong (York)
  • Mark Walker (Waikato, NZ)
  • Tim Patterson (S. Wales)

Nottingham Postdocs/PhD Students

  • James Millard
  • Craig Woods
  • Robert Mansfield
  • Yanming Wang
  • Rupert Norman



“The Carbon Recycling Workshop in Beijing was a really excellent event and provided a great opportunity for networking. As well as connecting with new contacts in the UK, I made some useful connections with Chinese researchers. In particular Li Xie and Gang Luo, both from Shanghai. I agreed to share data with Gang and to collaborate with him on the interpretation of his metabolomics data based on the work that we have already been carrying out in York, as well as sharing manuscripts ahead of publication”.

James Chong, University of York