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The Synthetic Biology Research Centre (SBRC) Nottingham

What we do at the SBRC Nottingham:

  • Create technologies that deliver 'Net-Zero' environmentally friendly and sustainable circular economies.
  • Use engineering biology approaches to tailor bacteria to become productive mini-factories that produce chemicals from greenhouse gases.
  • Develop sustainable technology that replaces our need of fossil fuels to provide us with chemicals and fuels.
  • Foster industrial application of climate-protecting technologies through alumni start-up companies and global pioneers in industrial gas fermentation.
  • Integrate Responsible Research and Innovation into all that we do to ensure that we engage widely to address societal needs in appropriate and inclusive ways.

We have:

  • World-leading expertise in microbial synthetic biology and metabolic engineering.
  • World-leading lab-scale microbial gas fermentation facilities
  • Bespoke robotics systems for high-throughput genome engineering studies.
  • Numerous links and collaborations internationally with academia and industry.
  • A team of over 80 post graduate and post doctorate researchers working across many bacteria chassis types and integrated research areas.


The SBRC Nottingham also works closely with the BBSRC funded NIBB:




Overview of the SBRC


Waste Gas Fermentation



Cupriavidus necator


Micky's Samples



The Bioreactor Room


Binary Toxin



Methane Eaters


Fighting Cancer




We have numerous links and collaborations internationally with academia and industry: 

Academic Partners
Industrial Partners



We also share and promote our research through various outreach activities, see our Outreach section for more information.


Game of Fuels

SBRC-Nottingham have also produced their own interactive game! Game of Fuels was developed to help educate pupils about renewable energy, particularly biofuels and to introduce them to synthetic biology. 

Read more at Game of Fuels


Corrected_stitched_GOF_boardGame of Fuels Board Game



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