What is
the SBRC DTProg?

The vision of the SynBio DTProg is to develop independent, well-trained, highly-employable scientists in strategically-important research areas of synthetic biology. The SBRC - Nottingham has very strong links to the emerging synthetic biology industry and with a wide range of established companies who are developing interests in synthetic biology. These linkages provide the SynBio DTProg with excellent placement opportunity choices for its PhD students.

Scope and Advantages:

The SBRC - Nottingham offers four-year PhD studentships whose focus is synthetic biology. Students embarking on this programme may be graduates of, for example, biochemistry, microbiology, chemistry, pharmacy, mathematics, computer sciences or social sciences. They will benefit from not only working in a world-leading academic centre but will also gain value from the broader advantages that a doctoral training programme offers.

Benefits include:

• Being part of a cohort of students which forms a cohesive team that by its interactive nature will draw out the very best of all the students to help them all maximise their potential

• Additional training to widen horizons and career aspirations

• An optional Professional Internship Placement (PIP) usually in industry to enhance employability and give students a grounding in the skills and attributes for which employers search

• Liberalising elements to ensure that whilst the students dedicate most of their time to a project they also become aware of the wider issues related to their chosen scientific discipline.

Thus in addition to the academic rigour of a traditional PhD programme, students will amass a set of life and professional skills to make them highly competitive in academic and industry employment markets.

Student Profiles

    • Sophie Vaud

      Sophie Vaud

    • Alexandra Schindl

      Alexandra Schindl

    • Christopher Stead

      Christopher Stead

    • Joshua Petch

      Joshua Petch

    • Vanisha Patel

      Vanisha Patel

    • Erik Hanko

      Erik Hanko

    • Stylianos Grigoriou

      Stylianos Grigoriou

How to apply

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